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Rob Russell

Rob Russell


Barrama Merino Stud:
Barrama Merino Stud joins 1200 stud ewes using A.I. as well as natural matings with our own stud sires.

The stud has been classed by Rob Russell for close to 20 years and now working together with input from Dale Bruns. Management comes from the the Barrama team and Asta and Gordon Dickinson.

Barrama and Nareen Station have a true Mediterranean climate, a hot largely dry summer and then a long wet winter with up to 200 wet days a year at Nareen, giving an annual average rainfall of 670mm.

In Rob Russells words “this means that the sheep need to be built from the ground up, with sound feet, good robust bodies with a natural doing ability and quick maturing. We continue to select heavily against dag and muffled faces in the stud, and select for fertile, open faced sheep with wool which is soft, long stapled, bright, well nourished and with a well defined crimp”.

Our AI program has led us to using elite sires from a range of studs where we can identify outstanding individual sires. These include Glenlea Park, Connewarran, Kedleston Park, Pendarra and Mernowie. A considerable amount of the recent AI sires have been large bodied, quick maturing , poll rams which we believe can assist growth rates, fertility and doingA4DD2D50-F60E-47EA-909E-C1BB9CB32F2E

Commercial Flock:
We aim to produce easy care, 19 micron, heavy cutting attractive sheep with emphasis on fertility and carcase weight. Animal health and management is a key profit driver in the business and we have worked hard to reduce our annual drenching to 2 or 3 times.

The business joins 24,000 commercial merinos that spring lamb. The ewe weaners, also classed by Rob Russell and Dale Bruns are assessed for their ability to contribute to the overall progress of the stud and commercial flock.

Commercial Production Figures: Average 1996 – 2020

  • Lambing % – 100%
  • Fleece weight – 5.5 kg
  • Lamb fleece weight @ 7 months) – 1.7 kg