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We run 2000 Angus and Hereford cows at Nareen and Barrama. 2016 will be our first year of using solely Angus bulls over all cows as we begin our phase away from Hereford cattle. Using a split calving between spring and autumn we are able to manage heifer weights pre-calving, use the bulls twice, spread the work load and stagger young cattle going to Boyong, S.A.

All steers and heifers are grown out at Boyong. Steers and surplus heifers stay until they are between 450 – 500 kg before going on to feedlots or other. Our heifers are all grown out, classed then joined at Boyong, SA. Future breeders are trucked back to Victoria to join the breeding program.

Our team run the cattle in a low stress style with minimal inputs to produce calm, quiet and highly productive animals. They are all handled quietly, graze the paddocks with minimal intervention and cared for by employees and local vets when needed.